Earn a Little Extra Cash with EasyShift

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 Extra Cash with Easyshift

Easyshift makes it easy for you to grab a little pocket money. You’re already shopping and going out to eat, why not earn while you’re out and about?
Easyshift is an app for your Android or iPhone that shows you local places where you can earn money. Visit stores and earn cash. The best part is that they pay pretty quickly.
I live in a small town, and there were even shifts I could do here: grocery store, Dollar General, Walmart, etc.
You just upload the app to your phone, then allow it access to your location. You can turn on notifications to see when shifts are available in your area, but I keep mine off. Then it brings up a map with shifts in your area. I usually tap the “list” button at the top to see a list instead of the map. Don’t get discouraged if there aren’t any shifts available in your area today, just keep checking back.
When you accept a shift, you’ll be required to visit the store and take pictures and answer questions about the location. The prompts are very easy to read and pretty thorough about what is expected. The $6 shifts usually require you to take a few pictures and you’re outta there. The higher valued shifts require more time and effort.

Earning Your Cash

With Easyshift the higher the payout, the more time it will take. I made $25.20 on my first shift by taking photos of the drink displays in my local grocery store. The shift did take about thirty minutes, but now that I’m aware of how it works, I could do it in half the time.
I’ll admit, I was a bit frustrated the first time I picked a shift and went out to do it. The frustration came from my lack of knowing what I was doing. I should have taken more time to read and learn before I headed to the grocery store. There’s lots of information on the app, and good tutorials on what to do and what not to do.
Be sure you read all the Easyshift app information for a shift before applying. You have a limited amount of time to finish the shift, and not finishing isn’t going to make you look good in the app’s statistics.
If you live in a small town and happen to be traveling, check the app. I made money just by using Walmart’s pickup service, which I would have used anyway.

So download the app to your Android or iPhone now!

You aren’t going to get rich (or maybe you will), but you’ll have the opportunity to earn a little extra cash.

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