Paying Your Bills Made Easy

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Paying Your Bills Made Easy

Maybe it’s time to stop and take a look at how you pay your bills. Are you using the most efficient system? With today’s technology and phone apps there are so many ways to ease the burden of paying your bills. Banking apps are now at your fingertips. Money management apps vie for your attention.


Talk you your bank about their options. My bank offers a convenient phone app which makes it so easy for me to check my balance 24/7, deposit checks without going to the bank, transfer funds between accounts, and check to see when checks I’ve written have cleared. I bank with a small-town bank, so it’s likely your bank offers the same services. This has been my savior when we are on the road. I’ve been able to make deposits as soon as I receive a check from someone and not have to mail it to the bank or wait until I get home. It’s a great way to stay organized and saves time.

Credit Card Apps

I make my credit card payments, and keep an eye on my balances from my phone. Taking a few minutes to set up your bank account directly to your cards will allow you to make payments quickly and easily. You can even set up automatic payments. I have a health credit card with auto-pay and it’s nice to not have to worry I’ll miss the payment if my life gets crazy.

If you aren’t comfortable with phone apps, you can still save time, money and effort by paying your bills online. You can go into your accounts on the first of the month and set up all of your payments for the month simply by choosing the payment date. This is much less time-consuming.

Setting up online banking is an organized, efficient system to get your bills paid. Banks, credit card companies, and even some utilities have customer service to help their customers set up payment systems if you aren’t sure how to get started.


Auto Pay

This option takes it to another level. It’s a great way to pay small monthly bills. You can have the funds automatically deducted from your checking or savings. If you have a large bill you need to pay down, but you keep putting it off or paying the minimum, this can be a great source of accountability.

Auto Contribution

Saving for a college fund, vacation, or retirement? Have that money deducted automatically! If the money isn’t taken out automatically you may forego that contribution for a month or even a year. If the contribution becomes inconvenient, you can change the date the money is deducted or the amount. But if you don’t physically have to make the contribution, just have to write it in your checkbook, you’re more likely to keep them regularly.


Have a good system, that works for you. You’ll save time and make the process much easier once you’ve planned your payments and organized your finances.

Take the time

Make this month your month to get your payments organized. Get out a calendar and mark off your paychecks, then your payments. What can you automate? It’s a great way to take the task off your list, and know you won’t forget to make your payments if life gets crazy.


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