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Start where you are makes so much sense, it’s almost stupid. Where else are you going to start? But it’s also brilliant because if you keep waiting for the right moment, enough money, the perfect opportunity, you’re going to be waiting, and waiting. You’ll never get started.

Isn’t waiting just an excuse to not get going?

Waiting for the perfect timing, or whatever, is just another way of procrastinating. You’ll never get started. Been there. This blog is a perfect example. “I’ll wait until I have at least 30 blog posts before I go live,” was my first excuse. Other excuses included wanting to add a podcast, “But I can’t launch the blog until I have at least five or six podcasts recorded.” Look, I know, I’m the queen of wanting to be somewhere else before I get started. I finally realized I needed to start now, and get to where I want to be by getting started. If I didn’t write this post and the few others that I have, I’d never write more. But now that I’ve begun, I’m excited to continue.

It’s time to stop making excuses

Start where you are, right now! Don’t wait for the right time or opportunity. Take advantage of what you have, and build from where you are. If you want to start a side hustle but you don’t have the money, start smaller and build by getting the money along the way.

I can already hear the next sentence, “But Jamie, where am I going to find the money?” There are lots of ways: sell the stuff you no longer use on Craigslist, put yourself on a strict budget and set aside money while you build your business plan, earn a little cash with your smartphone camera, grab some quick cash while running errands with the EasyShift app, have a garage/yard sale, take advantage of Facebook Marketplace by selling your bigger items, etc. Take a look at what you have around you, what can you use to earn some cash? Maybe start your own blog (I’ll have post on that in the near future too, and yes, blogs can make good money).

Start where you are…

If you’re look for a little inspiration, be sure and read August’s book club selection.

Start Where You Are Book

Taking my own advice

I’m preaching to you about starting from where you are, and I’m taking my own advice. I started this blog as Jamie & Co. and I never seemed to quite have the number of articles I wanted for an official “launch.” Well, I have a handful of articles now and I’m launching where I am. I’d love it if you subscribed to my blog (and eventually my podcast) because I’ll be posting regularly about living your best life. There’s so much we can do when happiness is our compass.

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