5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

5 reasons you should be blogging.

For years I resisted blogging. I thought I did enough writing with my magazine articles and my novels. But blogging is a different kind of writing, and I enjoy it. I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should be blogging.

1. It’s more fun than social media

Yes, it’s more fun. You can blog about the same things you write about on Facebook, Twitter, but with a more personalized audience. You can write a bit longer and the blog post is easier to read than a social media post. You can go more in depth on a topic, and you don’t have to worry about social media trolls. (comment approval is grand)

You can write about anything, not just your books or business.

Damn straight! Your readers/customers want to get to know you. Sure social media is one way to share, but you can really get to the nitty-gritty with a blog post, and not all of your readers have Twitter and Facebook. I’ve had several readers tell me they don’t have Facebook.

Share a DIY project with lots of photos. Write extensively about your latest research. I know I’m excited to share with my readers about the K9 officer research I’ve been doing for an upcoming series.

Planning to make some changes in your writing career? Write about it. I’m writing about my new project over at novelsandcoffee.com and letting people in on my process. I could never do this on social media, but I can sure promote the content there.

2. Got a niche? Love to organize or budget? Blogging is your perfect medium.

I’m learning to live on a budget for the first time in my life (I should have been budgeting years ago), and I think lots of my readers would love to learn the process, but it’s not what I want to post on Facebook. Posting the link, on the other hand, absolutely. You should be blogging about things you love, and getting your audience involved.

What’s your niche? DIY? Crafting? Writing? You don’t have to write about being an author, you can write about anything. Believe me, even the most niched down topic has a few hundred thousand fans looking for it.

My friend, USA Today bestselling author Bonnie Paulson, writes about living in Idaho at http://www.idahofamilyadventures.com

3. Get your brain working, conquer writer’s block

Maybe your don’t have writer’s block. I rarely do. I have more ideas for novels and blog posts than I have time to write. But I’ve blocked (time blocking is not like writer’s block, LOL) out my time (I’ll have an article on time blocking soon), so I can write my novels and blog. Blogging is a different kind of writing, and it’s fun! It makes your brain work a bit different because you’re not making things up, like in fiction writing. Even though creative non-fiction is sort of fun. If you’re having trouble moving forward on a project, blog about it. Or blog about something else, and free up those brain cells.

Blogging has been a great way to get my creative juices flowing.

4. You’ll grow your audience

You can write as few as 300 words or as many as 1500 words, and if you do your keywords and SEO correctly, you’ll gain a new audience. You’re giving your audience something valuable, and they’ll be on board. You can do content upgrades that you give away in exchange for an email address. This will let people know you are here, there, everywhere. And when you sign your posts, make sure you leave a link to your books IN EVERY BLOG POST as part of your signature. Get interactive by asking questions of your audience and check out the comments. You may find new customers/readers in ways you never expected.

Maybe someone who reads DIY blogs also loves historical romance! Boom, you’re set, you may have just gained another rabid fan.

And the opposite works too. Put a link to your blogs at the back of your books! Your readers will be happy you did. I actually have a food blog that goes with a culinary cozy series I’m writing. www.adishinthyme.com

5. You can make more money

You can also make money from your blog posts. Affiliate money, advertising money (more post and courses on this to come, stay tuned). Every time someone clicks on your blog article to read it, you make a few cents. If you have affiliate links in the articles, you can make moola from those if someone buys.

The additional income may be small at first, but if you stay tuned here, I’ll be posting about ways to build your audience, get exposure, and build your new list. There will come a time when the blog will only need a couple of posts a month to stay active and still earn money, but you’ll be hooked and want to write at least one post a week. You know you have a lot to say!

Jane Friedman has a wonderful blog post for authors who want to get started with blogging. https://janefriedman.com/blogging-for-writers/


Happy writing,

Jamie writes mysteries as USA Today bestselling author Jamie Lee Scott www.jamieleescott.com

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