5 Secrets to Supercharge Your Facebook Posts

It’s good to be king, and Facebook is definitely the social media king.

5 secrets to supercharge your Facebook posts helps you leverage your time on the social media site.

More Americans use Facebook than any other social media.

There was a time when Facebook was dominated by the younger set, but now it’s where you’ll find a wide audience with money to spend. This means Facebook offers a great opportunity to get your name/brand/company out there. It also offers major challenges for marketers.

You can use any advantage you can get. So, what does it take to get more post likes, shares and comments? Which means more exposure.


The secrets are out in BuzzSumo’s research findings. They looked at 800 million users in 2016 to come up with the information to help marketers.

1. KISS – keep it short and simple.

The attention span of people online is extremely short, so long posts don’t always get read like short ones do. The highest engagement comes at 50 words or less.

2. Link to long articles

As crazy as it sounds, short Facebook post, but long articles. As with most viral blog posts you want your links to lead to articles that are 1000-3000 words. If someone is going to click a link, they want their money’s worth.

3. Post in off-peak hours (what?)

The fewer number of people posting gives your post a chance to hit more news feeds. Less competition for the space available. Who knew? And being seen by more people creates more engagement.

4. Ask Questions

Questions get more likes and comments than any other posts. Engage your friends and fans by getting to know them. Ask questions!

5. Get moving with video.

79% of Americans are on Facebook. That means you are trying to stand out in a very busy space. Video grabs attention more than any other posts. Second being images. But videos are shared more than any other content on Facebook. So get your iPhone or Android phone out and start making your own shared moments.

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Jamie is the USA Today bestselling author Jamie Lee Scott.


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