8 Reasons I Love My Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

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8 Reasons I Love My Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

If you don’t know what a Wacom Tablet is, it’s a flat tablet that works like a large mouse. It is primarily controlled with the Wacom stylus. And it comes in a beautiful box, which I keep it in when I’m not using it, or when I travel.

I originally purchased the tablet for digital lettering. I wanted to learn how to make my own fonts. Fine, sue me, it was an impulse buy, but what a buy. And the stars were aligned because my local Best Buy store had a tablet in stock. I was able to start learning and programming right away. Surprisingly, the learning curve wasn’t bad.

My hand and wrist were killing me, sore to the point of daily physical therapy and TENS (electrical stimulation) sessions, and I realized, I could use the tablet as my mouse. Only it became much more.

I design my own book covers for my mystery novels and talk about hard on the wrist with the mouse. My Wacom Tablet has become my go-to for Photoshop, Lightroom, Animate, Premiere, and all of my other filmmaking and design endeavors. Yeah, I’m a creative. I like making fun, pretty, and cute things.

My latest craze is animation. I spent 8 hours making a very basic animation the first time I tried it. If I’d have used a mouse, I wouldn’t have slept because my arm would have ached all night. But with my tablet, I didn’t hurt.

I also edit a lot of graphics for my blogs, and for other people, so my impulse buy of the Wacom Tablet turned out to be the best buy for my office.

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I want to share some things that make this tablet awesome.

  1. Bluetooth Compatible

That’s right, Bluetooth. I don’t even have to have it connected to my MacBook for it to work. And when I’m working on my MacBook I’m usually not at my desk, so having the flexibility of no wires is awesome.

My Wacom Tablet
My well used tablet
  1. Left and Right-handed Folks Can Use

This is a big one for me. Almost all my life I’ve had to adapt to a right-handed world. I’ve worked with technology, because it wouldn’t work with me. I use a right-handed mouse, and I ada

Wacom Tablet Stylus Tips

pted. The list goes on and on. But this tablet can be set up for right or left-handed geniuses, like you and me.

  1. The Pen Doesn’t Need Batteries.

That’s right, no batteries. So you won’t be stranded in the middle of a project, and lose momentum while on the hunt for batteries. And this is the great part, the pen (or stylus) can be programmed. The two buttons on the shaft of the pen can be programmed to make your life easy. And the pen has in eraser! Well, it’s an eraser by default, but can be reprogrammed too. I love that one of the buttons works at the CTRL+ALT+Z in photoshop. I’m always needing to go backwards.

Oh, and the pen stand holds extra stylus tips.

  1. Express Keys Rock

If you’re a photographer, this feature alone is worth the price of the tablet. The keys are application independent. If you’re working in Photoshop, you can program the keys for brush size, for hardness, you can make them work as your “control” or “option” key. These add so many shortcuts to your workflow.

Best of all, the settings are application independent.

  1. A Natural Feel

We start writing, using a pen or pencil from a very young age, so the feel of the pen is natural. Okay, I call it a pen, but it’s a stylus. Once you try the tablet and stylus you’ll never want to use a mouse again. Not to mention, the control is so much better. I can make fine, detailed drawings (or photo edits) with my tablet, not so much with a mouse.

  1. Pinch to Zoom

Have you ever put your fingers on your computer screen, or even an image on paper, to pinch or stretch it? Oops. Since we practically live on our smartphones, this is a natural inclination. I do it all the time on my Kindle Paperwhite. Hint: it doesn’t work. Just sayin’. But it does work on the tablet. You set it up when you install the tablet on your computer. You can even rotate an image. I’m always wanting to turn the image when I’m sketching a digital drawing. And I can! I used to try to turn the tablet. Um, don’t do that, you’ll just…well, don’t. This tablet makes my life so much easier.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

  1. The Tablet is Pressure Sensitive

Like 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. What does this mean for me? Or you, I meant. The pressure sensitivity makes any brush tool more flexible. I use this feature with I paint with watercolors or draw with using a pen brush. In Lightroom, it will make your adjustment brush sing.

And…wait for it…brushes can be easily and totally customized to actions that respond to pressure sensitivity. Dodging and burning are so much more flexible.

  1. It’s Compatible with PC and Mac

    I can think of a dozen more reasons I love my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, but the fact it’s compatible with both my PC and my MacBook might be the best reason of all. I’m not stuck in my office working at my desk. I can grab my MacBook and tablet and sit on the deck, or work while I’m in the passenger seat on a long drive.

I’m looking at this and realizing I might look like I’m a workaholic. I might be. I have so many things I want to do in this life, and not nearly enough time to accomplish them all. I love creating, and I love helping others create too.

Click the image to see pricing and options. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your office, grab one from Amazon and have its hipped free with your Prime membership.

I hope you investigate the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet for your own needs.





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