How To Embed An Instagram Image Into Your Blog Articles

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How To Embed An Instagram Image Into Your Blog Articles

This one was new to me, so I wanted to share it with everyone. One caveat, your account must be set to public, this won’t work with private profiles.

Sure, you could just “add media” and upload a file to your article, but why not embed the image from Instagram? Doing this is sort of an Instagram follower hack. You get engagement from your blog readership, and you engage with your Instagram audience as well.

How does embedding an Instagram image help me gain followers?

When your blog readers click on the embedded Instagram photo, it takes them to your Instagram profile! Sweet, right? And since you’re the coolest, you know they’re going to tap that follow button lickety-split. Even better, they may comment and like the embedded photo, giving you social clout like a boss.

Embedding the Instagram link is a breeze.

All I can say here is, thank you Instagram for updating your desktop app.

  1. Head on over to your Instagram page from your desktop.
  2. Find the photo you want to link to your article and click on it.
  3. In the bottom right corner, look for the three dots (the ellipses), click that sucker
  4. When the little white box comes up, click EMBED.
  5. The embedded code will appear and you can just click the “copy embed code” to add to your blog article. This is a unique HTML code you can now paste into your blog.
  6. Go back to your blog article and click on the “TEXT” tab in the upper right corner of your post page, then paste (CTRL+V) the embed code. Make sure you have your curser in the spot where you want to embed the code, then look for that place on the text version of the article draft.
  7. Go back to the visual link and see the image.

If you’re writing a sponsored blog post, use 3-4 high quality images to increase engagement and increase the chances your readers will share your images and story on their own social media accounts.

I hope this was something new and interesting for you.

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