Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Review

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Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Review

There are some health and beauty products that just beg for a review and Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel is one of them.

I was in Walgreen’s waiting for my prescription and I happened to be looking at nail polish. Not that I needed anymore polish colors. Heck, I already have the Jamberry nail wraps, gel polish that requires the light to dry, and gobs and gobs of just regular polish.

There are pros and cons to all of the nail polish products. The wraps were fun, but they fell off. And I mean I’d look down and they’d be gone. I wore them when I worked in a restaurant, so not good. It happened once, and luckily I found the wrap, after that they were banned from the restaurant. Last thing we needed was to have them end up in someone’s food. I did continue to wear for special occasions, but I now have too many packets of wraps to count and I don’t use them. (not that I won’t in the future, I love the stripe and dot ones)

Then along came the crazy stupid expensive gel polish. Not only was the polish expensive, but I needed to have a special light to seal the gel. This polish peeled off just like the wraps. Though I did learn to rough up my nail bed and layer on the polish in very thin layers, meaning I had to apply at least 3-4 layers to get the coverage I wanted. And still, the polish chipped within 2-3 days. Better than regular polish for sure, but still. And the problem here was that this gel crap didn’t just come off with a swipe of the polish remover. Oh,no! It was more time consuming to get the stuff off than on, and putting it on wasn’t a party. Though it did dry immediately and no smudging.

Back to Walgreen’s…I happened upon the Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel. I was uber skeptical. As you’ll see in the picture below, I don’t have long nails. I don’t want long nails, because I write for a living, and I work with horses every day. Having horses is hard on nail polish. The chores and constant hand washing, among all of the other things made nail polish look bad after one day working in the barn. On a whim, I bought some dark  Miracle Gel colors I wanted, and I bought the Miracle Gel Top Coat.

I didn’t even wait until I got home. I put the polish on in the freaking car. Such a girlie girl. I was excited to test the new colors. Fast forward 7 days. The polish was still in place. One tiny little chip in the corner of my index finger. That was understandable because I use that finger to get my Invisalign retainers off each morning. I called the polish a (sort of) success.

But dang, I had 20+ bottles of delicious colors I’d never wear again (insert sad face here). So I decided to try again. The fingers that chipped first when I first wore the Miracle Gel polish were my pinky and my index fingers. So I polished all but my pinky with Miracle Gel color. I used some other brand I’d had forever on the pinky.

Caveat here: I run a soft file over my nails to remove the ridges and rough up the surface before I polish. And I use the technique of making sure my nails are painted in very thin layers. For this test I used 2 thin layers of color, then 2 thin layers of the top coat gel. My painted nails

The picture shown is 7 days after I polished my nails. Zero chips! As I write this post, I’ve had the polish on for 10 days and there’s a very slight chip at the tip of the non-Miracle Gel polish color and the rest are still perfect.

I can’t promise that this polish will last the full “up to 14 days” that Sally Hansen’s promises, but it sure does last longer than anything I’ve used other than having fake nails. And the bonus, it’s so much easier to remove than the gel polish that requires a light. Bonus #2 is that I was able to use the top coat (which is required for this process to work) on my regular polish.

At Walgreen’s the cost was $9.99 for each bottle. If you purchase online (link above), you can get a better deal.

If you decide to give Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel a try, I’d love to hear about it. Or maybe you’ve already used it. Tell me your review in the comments.

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