Using Twitter Cards for Your Business

Using Twitter Cards for Marketing

Have you heard of Twitter Cards? Are you using Twitter for your business? It’s a great, under-utilized social media media marketing platform. When everyone else is jumping on the Facebook ads bandwagon, you could be using this non-saturated platform.

Twitter Cards are a powerful feature to help you boost your marketing efforts and promote your business. The best part? They’re free! Adding Twitter cards is a piece of cake.

A Twitter What? A Twitter Card

Twitter Cards are used to drive traffic to your website using media images and video. Super cool, right? You bet they are, and can be very affective.

Types of cards:

  • Lead Generation: Drive interest in your site or books.
  • Website: Drive click through traffic to your site or blog.
  • App download: Great for featuring mobile apps with an option for direct download.

And Boom! it’s a FREE Twitter feature! Or you can always promote your cards and reach out to people that are not following you.

Creating a Twitter card

Making a Twitter card is very easy. All you need to do is log into your  Twitter Ads dashboard and choose “Cards” from the “Creatives” menu on top.

Choose the type of card you want to create. The rest is simple, just fill out the form with the information required and save your Twitter Card to be able to use it in your tweets.


Here’s a great link to get started understanding Twitter cards.

There is a free and paid option. Look into both for your marketing needs. These are fun and interesting, and can engage your readers.

Try them and let me know what you think in the comments.


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