Make Your Weight Loss Program Work for You

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Make Your Weight Loss Program Work for You

How many times have you heard, “Oh, that diet didn’t work for me” in your weight loss journey? But the real truth is that person, or you, didn’t work the diet. Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, the program doesn’t work if you don’t work the program. And many times, we think we want it, but we don’t want it bad enough to make it work.

I’m guilty of this. I’ve stated that line above too many times. It wasn’t until I got real with myself that I realized, it wasn’t the diet, it was me. Did I really want it bad enough? Because when I worked Atkins like my life depended on it, I lost weight. When I just half-assed worked it, it didn’t.

Same with Weight Watchers, which is my go to program. When I’m working it, WW becomes a lifestyle for me. Why wouldn’t I stick with it? And with the mobile app right on my phone I had no excuse.

Click on the image if you are interested in joining Weight Watchers.

So I tried something new. Now I’m doing this with WW, but it works with any program. What’s my plan? I’m going to lay out the steps for sticking to WW for the long haul, but again, I think this will work with any program. It’s the same plan I used to train for a marathon.

Let me talk about the marathon training for a moment. When I first started, I couldn’t run a mile without being so sore I couldn’t get out of bed the next day, so I needed a new plan. I looked at it like this: first we learn to sit up, then we learn to crawl, next we are standing, and then walking while holding a piece of furniture, then walking, and suddenly we have the coordination and strength to run. Our poor moms! Ha! See my article on how to get started running without killing yourself here.

Baby steps. We all want fitness and weight loss to happen overnight, because it feels like we lost our fitness and gained that weight overnight. It’s not going to happen, so take the time to enjoy the journey. And find a sustainable journey.

That’s the next thing. Whatever program you start can’t be a fad. Can you go with eating just meat, eggs, and cheese for the rest of your life? I could do it for 3 months, and that even included cheating every week or two, but I couldn’t do it for life. That’s why I fell back to my lifestyle standby, Weight Watchers. (This is starting to sound like a WW ad, but this isn’t a sponsored post. At least not sponsored by WW)

So how do we start WW with baby steps? First, you have to join the program, and understand you’ll be lucky to lose a pound a week, because you won’t be adhering strictly to the points recommendation.

Let’s get started!

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Step 1

Join WW and fill out the profile information. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Note: joining WW is not a requirement to make this program work for you, it’s just the program I used.

Click on the image if you are interested in joining Weight Watchers.

Step 2

Play around with the app. Figure out what your daily and weekly points are and learn how to scan bar codes and search for points values.

Step 3

Here’s where it gets tricky, forget your points allotment for now. At least for a few days to a week. That’s right, ignore it. This is where you’re going to train your brain. For at least 3 days to a full week, just make yourself track your points. Just track them, and I do mean track. That’s going to be transition enough. At the end of the day, you’ll see how many points you use with what you consume. After 3 days, you should be used to tracking points, and by the end of the week, you can see what your daily average is when you’re not working the program.

Step 4

You have your daily average when you’re eating like you regularly do, so now, once again, ignore WW daily allotment. You’re going to shave a minimum of 5 points off your average for the next 3 days.

Step 5

For the next 3 days, you’re going to shave at least 5 more points off your current daily points.

Step 6

Continue to shave 5 points every 3 days until you reach the daily allotment of points WW recommends.

Step 7

Click on the image if you are interested in joining Weight Watchers.

Now that you’re used to tracking your food intake, using the points program regularly, and down to the points WW suggests, work that program like your life depends on it.

Step 8

What’s your end goal? It may be 50 pounds, but again, BABY STEPS! Start with a closer end goal. Weekly? Sure. “My goal is to lose 2 pounds this week.” That’s doable. Then lather, rinse and repeat. Two pounds this week is much less daunting than 50 pounds eventually.

There you have it. That’s the plan. You aren’t going to be in that lower size dress for the wedding next month, but you’ll be on your way to a lifestyle change. And you’ll work a program to make it work for you.

I hope you try this and see if you can’t make your healthy lifestyle a habit just a little at a time until it’s sustainable for life.

Good luck! And let me know how you’re doing!


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