Write a Kick Ass Twitter Bio

Write a Kick Ass Twitter Bio

Better to have a crappy bio in your profile than none at all? Twitter is part of your business plan, so treat it like it can make or break your business, and write a kickass bio.

This is your first impression on Twitter. The first thing your potential new followers see, so make a great impression and make the new follower have to follow, based on your bio. Your bio is the first place to build your audience.

Make the most of your 160 characters.

Tell people who you are

This is all about you! Talk yourself up! Answer these three questions: Who are you? What do you do? What clicks your clock? You’re a writer, so make it your opening hook, and make it interesting and fun.

1. Keywords are your friend in your Twitter Bio

Now comes the hard part, using the right keywords in your description to attract your target audience. Many people do search related queries to find people to follow on Twitter, and this a natural way for them to find you. Make sure your keywords fit into your bio in a natural way and don’t just plug in keywords.

2. Use links and Twitter mentions

Be sure to add your blog URL and/or your website. If you have another Twitter profile, you can @ link it in your bio.

3. Be natural

Show your personality in your bio. Again, it’s all about being creative, and you’re a writer, so you know creative. Show your distinct personality, like Tom Hanks does it.

4. Show people why they should follow you

Are potential followers convinced? Do they know exactly what they’re getting when they follow you? Whatever value you’re adding, be sure it shows in your bio. And make sure your profile pic is you, not a photo of your dog or your latest book. Your followers want to know you, and having your professional looking photo for your profile picture is a great start. As for your cover photo, make it your latest book promo, or similar to the header of your website or blog.

5. Remember that nothing is written on stone

I can’t tell you how much my Twitter bio has change in the 8 years I’ve been on the platform. I’ve lived and learned and evolved with Twitter. Make sure your bio represents what you and and what you tweet about now.

Share your bio in the comments for others to see.


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